Exclusive National Brands

Bumper to Bumper is proud to offer high quality parts and accessories under our Exclusive National Brand lines.  Manufactured by the industry’s leading suppliers, our brands are available for all makes and models of vehicles and exceed product specifications and quality standards. 

Consider us your one-stop-shop for all your aftermarket automotive parts and accessories with full line coverage for your vehicle.  

Perfect Stop®

Perfect Stop® is your one-stop shop for all your braking system parts requirements, including full line coverage for brakes, rotors, calipers, drums, shoes, fluids and cleaners.

World leading, flawless stopping performance.

Brake pads

Engineered to meet or exceed OE fit, form, and function with the latest in brake technology throughout our full line, and feature Exact Spec® multi-layer shim technology and hardware for optimal braking performance.

Brake rotors

Armor-Plate™ Anti-Corrosion Coating on all non-friction surfaces for improved corrosion resistance; Cross-cut™ Surface Finish for improved pad seating and break-in; and Power-Vent™ Vanes for improved brake cooling, decreased fade, and smooth braking.

Brake calipers

Manufactured to the specifications originally designed for your vehicle, including our premium caliper color match, and contain all necessary hardware pre-installed to save you time.

Brake fluid

A high-quality, heavy duty, synthetic brake fluid for all DOT 3 and DOT 4 ABS, Disc, and Drum Brakes.  This brake fluid is designed to work with all Perfect Stop Brake products.

Brake cleaner

Developed for superior cleaning power to improve brake performance and help stop brake squeaking, without residue and staining. The Perfect Stop Brake Cleaner is available in a debossed can, allowing for an easy, stay-put grip.

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Parts Master®

Top Quality. Appropriate Performance.  Parts Master® products are produced by industry-leading manufacturers for quality and reliability.  With over 65 different product categories, these exclusive, high-quality parts and accessories are designed to meet performance expectations in fit, form, and function.

Primary Parts Master® lines include:

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  • Motor oil
  • Batteries
  • Filters
  • Chemicals
  • Brake rotors
  • Chassis products
  • Wheel bearings and seals
  • Wire and cable
  • Climate Control products
  • U-Joints

Perfect View® Wiper Blades

Having a perfect view is important when the weather isn’t. 

Perfect View® offers the best in wiper blade technology, designed with a beam blade, and offers performance improvements over conventional wiper blades. 

  • Graphite treated natural rubber wiping edge ensures smooth and quiet operation and durability.
  • Precision tensioned steel spring applies uniform pressure to prevent streaks and smears on the windshield.
  • Aerodynamic wind spoiler prevents liftoff and gives better performance at highway speeds.

PerfectView® is easy to install, so you always have clear visibility in all season weather.

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The MacPherson Ride™

MacPherson, the legendary name in the ride control product segment, epitomizes quality and performance and the Bumper to Bumper network has made available The MacPherson Ride™ brand of strut assemblies.

The MacPherson Ride™ line offers more than double the coverage of the leading domestic brands and has the highest vehicle to part number coverage with over 400 numbers and growing. That means there is a high-quality full assembly available for a greater range of vehicles.

Get a better value as each assembly contains 100% new componentry including new springs, struts, mounts and hardware.

The MacPherson Ride™ line is top level quality and is available through our nationwide network of parts stores and repair shops.


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Revolutionary engineering and advanced friction formulations make UltraStop™ disc brake pads perform quieter and with less dust at a great value. Quality tested at an independent lab for superior noise dampening, increased stopping distance performance, and leading first class pad durability.

• Advanced, vehicle specific friction formula for premium breaking performance.
• OE style hydraulic stamped multi-layer shim for superior noise dampening.
• Performance proven slots and chamfers to match the OE design.
• Steel back plates with powder coat finish for maximum corrosion protection.
• Over 300 parts with full hardware included.


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Auto Body Master

Auto Body Master is committed to providing customers with a consistent supply of the highest quality professional auto body products. Research, innovation, extensive field testing, and everyday application are the fundamental building blocks to the development on every Auto Body Master Professional Product.

We begin with the industry’s highest quality raw materials to ensure that our products are consistently the best performing products available. 

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Manufacturer Lines

We are proud to work and partner with the best parts manufacturers in the world. In fact, we value these relationships so strongly that we refer to our manufacturers as Channel Partners. With industry leading, high quality parts for all makes and models on the road.  We carry brands we trust across all import, hybrid, electric, domestic, fleet, heavy duty, agricultural, marine and small engine parts.  Need tools and accessories?  We’ve got them.  Collision repair products?  We’ve got them too. 

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